When you are ready to give please use this link: https://tithe.ly/give?c=1408694

Step #1: Verify the padlock in the address bar when you click the padlock icon it will open the information below. You can click the Certificate link to verify the validity of the security certificate as well as give you the level of encryption.

Step #2: Start by entering the amount you would like to give. I.E. $20.00

Step #3: Choose the fund you want the offering to go to.

Step #4: You can setup recurring giving if you would like. Simply check the “Recurring Giving” check box and set the frequency in the two boxes to the right.

Step #5: Give us your first and last name as well as your email address.

Step #6: You have two options for giving, either use a debit/credit card or directly debit the funds from your checking account (Step #7). You will need the card #, expiration date and CVC code for Debit/Credit card transactions.

Step #7: If you would like donate via direct bank funds transfer simply enter the information below. Be sure to check whether you are an individual or company.

Step #8: After all the required information is entered, it will give you the option cover the fees associated with your online donation. This means your entire donation amount will go to St. John. At this time you will have the option to create an online account for future logins. Simply click the “Remember Me” check box and enter a password and PIN. Once all information on the form is complete the “Give” button at the bottom will become active to complete your offering.