Bible Top 40: Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6:5-9:28) After deciding to wipe out creation, God rescues Noah and his family and lots of animals through them.  God promises never to do it again and sends us a rainbow as the seal of that promise. 

Lenten Rocks: Today we have the story of a man blind a birth whom Jesus heals. The disciples and the religious leaders keep wanting to know who sinned and so they miss God’s miraculous healing.  What questions of judgements do you need to let go of.  Put them on your rock.  How is God at work where you don’t expect? 

3/29: Sunday School and Church at St. John.  Pastor Angel is sharing worship in Facebook, Sunday at 10:30a.m.  Offerings may be mailed to the church, using the address: St. John Lutheran Church, 46 County Road 2575, Lakeville, 44638.

St. John Scholarship Fund 2020: Application deadline for the 2020 LuAnn McCullough Scholarship is March 31. This scholarship provides funding for members of St. John attending any kind of secondary education or training. 

Synod Assembly Volunteers needed: St. John needs a man and woman to attend synod assembly this year.  Our delegates need to be available to attend a pre-nomination meeting for bishop on April 26th at 2pm at Peace Lutheran Church in Ashland and the assembly in Akron on June 11th and 12th.  This is a great opportunity to see the ways that we as a church are better together!  

Food Pantry needs:  Remember those in need and deliver directly to a Pantry of your choice.
Loudonville Food Pantry needs: Helping Hands is open however they are not accepting donations at this time.
Lakeville Food Pantry needs: Kleenex, canned fruit, salt, jelly.